Orthodontics and Osteopathy

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An important connection!

The osteopath, by preparing and accompanying the orthodontic treatment, contributes to its effectiveness and makes it more comfortable.

Before orthodontic treatment in children

Acting early, together with orthodontists, is important. We must eliminate imbalances, and thus restore the harmony of the skull and body, to allow the proper development of the jaw.

The osteopath rebalances the back allows a good mobility of the head and the neck. Muscular tension, which is detrimental to development and orthodontic work, is limited and good growth is possible.

During orthodontic treatment

The orthodontic appliance is supported on the structures of the skull to leverage on the jaw and teeth.

The way teeth fit together, and therefore the position of the lower jaw, has consequences for the rest of the body through the muscle chains.

It is important for the patient to adapt to the change caused by this orthodontic work, which is why the osteopath will improve this ability to adapt. Osteopathy will therefore help to relieve neighborhood stresses (neuromuscular, myofascial, articular).